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How much does a person's eye color change as one grows up? Is it usual for someone's eyes to change from during adolescence randomly? I remember being told by friends during high school that my eyes were green and not believing them because my mother had said they were grey. Is it more likely that my eyes changed color but mom did not notice because after a while you stop paying attention to those details if you don't expect changes and my friends noticed because they were seeing me with a fresh point of view - or is it more likely that she was doing that thing were she expected me to be just like her and any evidence that I was something other than a clone was to be ignored? (Not exactly gas-lighting, but kind of similar in effect.)

Date: 2012-06-02 07:02 am (UTC)
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I knew a girl whose eyes were brown by the time she was two, and then faded to light grey-green by the time she was twelve (I also knew someone with triangular pupils, but that's a different kind of cat). My mom had blue eyes, so did my dad, and I have no doubt that when I was little my eyes were much more blue than they were when I hit my late teens. By then they were grey most often. If I wore certain shades of blue you could have called them blue, but they weren't. StY has always had blue, blue eyes like his dad. And StE had grey eyes when he was little. By his early teens they were grey-green. On overcast days, when he wore certain colors, they were a brilliant seafoam green--never emerald, just a pale olive-y green.

I've known hazel-eyed people who, depending on how sunny or overcast the day, and what colors they might be wearing, their eyes would look brown, grey, blue, or green.
Light's a funny thing; refracted through the semiliquid of the eyeball's lens, it can affect the perceived color of the iris. Brown-eyed folk seem most impervious to the effect, though.

...Sorry, what was the question, again?

Date: 2012-06-04 03:03 am (UTC)
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I was going to say something similar to arliss. My eyes are hazel and depending on what I'm wearing they can be varying shade of bronzey/gold to moss green, only occasionally grayish. My mother's eyes were a gray/blue/green/gold hazel that my daughter has. Both my mom and my daughter have different forms of heterochromia. My mother's was a central ring of greenish-gold surrounded by gray, where my daughter's is gold sectoral inclusions in the gray. My mom's eyes could even look sort of purple in the right light. My daughter's eyes started out a very deep blue as a child and didn't start changing until she was 5-6 years old. At first they just looked like they were fading to gray, but then the hazel spots showed up by the time she was in her teens. My son's eyes did the same thing, but his eyes are just a gray/green hazel, no heterochromia.


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